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Honorary Life Members


The Royal Dublin Society has a long and prestigious history. Since its foundation in 1731 it has been devoted to its mission of advancing Ireland, both economically and culturally. The good works of the Society were instrumental in the establishment of major national institutions such as the National Museum, the National Library and the National Botanic Gardens.

Society Members, Council, Committees and Staff take particular pride in ensuring the preservation and continuance of the objectives of the original Charter, drawn up in 1750.

In 1981, to mark the 250th Anniversary of its founding, the Society instituted the award of Honorary Life Membership to honour persons of distinction who had made a significant contribution to Ireland, over and above their normal employment, in the areas covered by the Society's Foundation Activities (Agriculture, Arts, Industry and Science).

The award is conferred annually on the Thursday nearest to 25 June, the Society's foundation date.

The 2016 recipients of Honorary Life Membership are Mr Jim Bolger and Fr Peter McVerry SJ.

Click the links below to see the previous years recipients:


For further information, please contact:

Dublin 4
Tel: +353 (0) 1 240 7221
Fax: +353 (0) 1 660 4014
Email: registrar@rds.ie


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