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ESB Science Blast, delivered by the RDS

ESB Science Blast, delivered by the RDS, explodes into life in 2018/2019.

Involve the whole class in this non-competitive programme investigating the science behind a simple question and then display their work at a showcase event. Science is everywhere, so every primary school in Ireland is encouraged to think, wonder, investigate, create, design, explore and learn new skills.

Join hundreds of other classes at a brilliant showcase day, where students display their work and are entertained all day long with amazing science-themed entertainment shows. Every school that participates will receive €75 / £75 towards their travel costs. And if you submit your investigation before October 18 you will automatically be in the draw to win 10 x €500 towards travel costs!

Apply now! (Due to browser issues, some users are experiencing issues with our registration form. We are working to rectify this, but in the meantime anyone can download this word document and simply fill it out and email it back to us).

For nine years the RDS, organised and sponsored the RDS Primary Science Fair, which inspired entire classrooms around the country with the incredible wonders of STEM.                                                                  The Dublin Fair took place alongside the BTYSTE each January. ESB Science Blast is now being launched as a new standalone event from 2019 and will continue to be delivered by the RDS.

Submit your class question by:

  • November 21 (for Dublin, Limerick and Belfast) or by
  • February 27 (for Limerick and Belfast only).



01 240 7990 (ROI) 

0345 266 1897 (NI)

© RDS 2018. The RDS owns all intellectual property rights in all materials and databases developed, conceived, created, made and/or acquired by it or on its behalf in relation to or in association with ESB Science Blast. Any party wishing to use such materials is strictly required to obtain a prior written licence from RDS to do so

Apply now
Apply now