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The Venue

09 February 2017

RDS achieves ISO 50001 certification

As part of the RDS Sustainability Policy commitment we have acheievd the ISO 50001 certification.

The RDS is Ireland’s largest and most diverse event venue hosting some 400 events annually. This gives rise to a very material consumption of natural resources and there is a growing awareness about the importance of developing and implementing sustainable business practices to help mitigate the use of scarce resources. Earlier this year the RDS published its sustainability policy, a copy of which can be viewed on www.rds.ie/sustainability. This policy is already guiding our decision-making processes and this will become increasingly important in 2017 and beyond.
Reflecting our commitment to this area, we successfully achieved ISO 50001 certification, an internationally recognised accreditation in energy management. This certification is awarded to organisations that are committed to the principles of sustainable energy management. Click here to view our ISO 50001 certification.

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