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Conscious Concert

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Time and Place

Saturday Mar. 25

RDS Concert Hall

Opening Times and Admission



Event Website and Email

www.consciousconcert.org hello@consciousconcert.org

Organiser's Contacts

Conscious Concert Ireland
Slane Osteopathic Clinic
Main Street
Slane Village  Co.Meath

Tel 087 954 0393

Web www.consciousconcert.ie

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Conscious Concert is an evening event that celebrates all things mindful.

We wish to celebrate mindfulness in a fun, entertaining yet profound way and honour the unique individual journey we all share in life, as we discover our own path and expression in the world.

Each year we invite wisdom speakers and sacred musicians from around the globe to share their insights with the magical spirit of Ireland.

please note – We do not subscribe to any religious or dogmatic belief system.

One love!

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