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RDS Library Speaker Series: Willam Laffan -'Abbey Leix: A History of the Landscape and Architecture of one of Ireland's Great Demesnes'

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Time and Place

Monday Nov. 20

RDS - Hall 7 (Concert Hall)

Opening Times and Admission

Monday Nov. 20: 18:30 - 19:30

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Organiser's Contacts

Dublin 4

Tel 01 240 7296

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William Laffan is a curator and the author of many books on Irish art and architecture, most recently Abbey Leix, An Irish Home and its Demesne.

Abbey Leix, originally site of a Cistercian monastery founded in the twelfth century, is one of the great Irish country houses. Over the last few decades it has been restored by Sir David Davies, President of the Irish Georgian Society. This talk, by William Laffan, explores the architectural history of the house, built by the de Vesci family in the 1770s, using drawing by the various architects who have played a role in its construction, notably James Wyatt, and also examines the landscape of one of the most intact demesnes in Ireland, home to the oldest oak tree in the country.

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