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Paul McKenna Live 2019

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Time and Place

Saturday Feb. 23

RDS Concert Hall

Opening Times and Admission

Saturday 23rd February 2019 : 7.00 p.m. - 9.45 p.m.

Tickets : €52.00. Tickets include a free book.

Event Website and Email

Organiser's Contacts

Mind Body Spirit Festival Limited
Prospect House
Crendon Street
High Wycombe
HP13 6LA Bucks.

Tel 014944-35135

Web www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk

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Paul McKenna - The 3 Things That Will Change your Destiny Today !


Paul McKenna Ph.D has helped people from all walks of life and helped them to change their lives for the better. He has investigated nearly every method of therapy, coaching and personal change available, and as a result has recently created an amazing new system that could help you breakthrough in the areas of your life you truly want to !

If you're ready to.....

Have infinitely more power over the direction of your life ?

Uncover the secrets of luck, confidence and motivation ?

Feel like you are the master of your own destiny ?

Release your true potential ?

Become the person you were born to be ?

Then let Paul McKenna help you !

He has discovered and crafted a simple set of processes that you can be guided through in a matter of hours. Paul McKenna wants to help you to clear the past of blocks or negative experiences and get in touch with the very best of who you truly are, so you can live more happily in the present. Let Paul McKenna help you get in touch with what you really want and focus your mind and body with an unstoppable passion to fulfil your destiny !

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