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Membership Committee

The RDS Strategic Plan approved by the Council of the Society in 2010 recognises the fundamental importance of ensuring the support and involvement of our Members. In 2012, a new Membership Committee was established which is intended to be representative of the membership body as a whole in terms of length of time as a Member, age, gender and location profile.

The role and responsibilities of the Membership Committee include:

  • To advance Members’ interests;
  • To assist and monitor of the implementation of the membership recruitment and retention strategy;
  • The reporting of issues arising in relation to the Membership objectives with appropriate recommendations;
  • To evaluate and consider the input from the Standing Committees, Members and external organisations, and its analysis and implementation, to achieve the Membership objectives;
  • Committee members will act as ambassadors for Membership recruitment and retention within the Society.

The 12 member Membership Committee meets up to six times per year. Six of its members are RDS Members directly elected to the Council who are appointed by the Council to serve on the Membership Committee. The remaining six members are RDS Members who, following an open call expressed an interest to serve on the Membership Committee and in tandem with the published criteria were recommended by the Governace Committee to the Council who appointed them to serve on the Committee.

The current members of the Membership Committee are:

Appointed by the Council Nominated Members
Peter Cavan John Fanning
David Dodd Mike McDonnell
Patrick Downes Rory O'Sullivan Hennessey
Stevan Griffiths Andrew Power
Bernardine Hurley Diane Scott
Dermot Kelly Paul Slattery


Upon completion of their three-year term of office, all Membership Committee members are eligible to go forward, through the election / Governance Committee process, for re-election / re-appointment for a second three year term. Having completed two successive three year terms, members must retire and are not eligible for election / appointment to the Membership Committee for two years following the completion of his/her second term.

For further information, please contact  01 240 7221 or email registrar@rds.ie


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