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Mare Herd Pedigree Profiling Project

The aim of the Mare Herd Pedigree Profiling Project is to create and complete a database verifying the pedigree and progeny performance of Irish mare families. This project is carried out by Marcus O’Donnell and 35,000 pedigree horses have already been documented via www.horseandbreeder.com.

The Mare Herd Pedigree Profiling Project aims to:

  1. To identify the top mare families in the country
  2. To identify the most successful traditionally bred animals to facilitate the development of a traditionally bred breeding programme
  3. Segment the national mare herd on the basis of breeding for purpose: Showjumping; Eventing; Traditional Irish Horses
  4. Analyse the existing mare herd on the basis of genetic merit.

Through this project, the RDS Equestrian Committee intends to tackle the fundamental problem of a lack of information on the Irish broodmare population. Given the decline of Irish horse breeding in recent decades and the failure in the last decade to breed Irish stallions with a world ranking, the Committee feels strongly that a radical overhaul of breeding practices is imperative. 

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