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The RDS, a philanthropic society with 3,500 Members, is steeped in history and pioneering achievement that helped to create some of Ireland's most revered cultural institutions. Today the RDS is making powerful and positive change happen by supporting talented practitioners in the arts, science, industry, agriculture and equestrianism in ways no other body or institution does. And in so doing, we are still making positive change happen for Ireland.

To continue this, we need to develop our investment in people, talent, imagination and creativity. These are the key areas in need of support today. Wise investment in these areas will help to transform our social, cultural and economic future.

To make real our ambitious and vital philanthropic vision, we need like-minded, inspiring and generous Members, sponsors and partners to invest in a number of exciting projects. We are designing new and powerful programmes guaranteed to deliver measurable impacts. We are offering far-sighted initiatives and opportunities for this generation and those to follow, so that they can in turn contribute to a new cultural and economic revival in Ireland.

We hope that you will join us on this challenging and exciting endeavour.

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