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RDS Members continue to inspire the development of our projects each and every year in areas such as science, music, craft, the visual arts, library and archive, among others. With the support of RDS Members we continue to deepen our commitment to, and investment in, these areas of Irish life and culture.

Many Members responded generously to our previous fundraising campaigns and we are sincerely grateful for their support and leadership. If you would like to join them by making a gift to our current campaign please contact Colm Dolan at colmd@rds.ie or 01-2407297.

If you are a taxpayer and make a gift of €250 or more we can send you an easy-to-complete form which will help us to reclaim tax on your gift. For example, a gift of €1,000 from an individual Member could be worth an additional €449 to the RDS, at no additional cost to you.

If you would like to discuss your gift to the RDS or to make an immediate gift payment, please call Colm Dolan, Fundraising Manager on +353 1 2407297 or email colmd@rds.ie

If you are a company, trust or foundation, and wish to discuss partnership opportunities please contact Eilish Corcoran, Fundraising Manager on +353 1 2407217 or email eilish@rds.ie.


A Lasting Legacy

Legacy gifts, such as the RC Lewis Crosby Prize for visual art, continue to play a vital role in funding for our philanthropy projects. We encourage Members to consider remembering the RDS in this way to help ensure the Society’s continued contribution to future generations.

Speaking of his late father’s bequest to the RDS, Antony Lewis Crosby says “There are many Members of the RDS with similar dedication to the Society and its aims and objectives, and it would give me great pleasure to think that my father’s example might spur someone else to consider leaving something in their will to ensure that the RDS can continue to thrive into the future. We have been very happy with how the RDS has expertly managed the Fund bequeathed by my father, so what could be a better way, after looking after family and friends, to provide for the long-term future of the work of the RDS?”

If you would like to discuss leaving a gift in your Will to the RDS please contact Colm Dolan in confidence by telephone 01 2407297 or email colmd@rds.ie.

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