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11 January 2018

Ninth RDS Primary Science Fair Dublin Opens Today

  • Almost 3,000 primary school students to exhibit their science projects at the RDS Primary Science Fair Dublin which runs Thursday to Saturday (January 11-13).
  • Over 7,000 students across three venues in 2018: Dublin, Limerick (January) & Belfast (June)

The ninth annual RDS Primary Science Fair Dublin opens today (January 11) with almost 3,000 primary school children taking part. Each class undertakes an investigation using STEM skills and exhibits it at the Fair. Questions this year include: “Why do basketballs bounce?” “Can a parachute save an egg from a two-storey fall?” and “Why do onions make us cry? Can we investigate ways to prevent the tears?”

Each STEM project operates on a whole-class basis, making sure that everyone gets involved. Each day of the Fair sees a whole new set of primary school classes exhibit, maximising the number of schools participating. Last year the RDS Primary Science Fair expanded to Belfast for the first time, following the successful expansion to Limerick in 2016. June 2018 will see the Belfast Fair return with capacity doubled after just its first year.

Speaking on the opening day of the RDS Primary Science Fair Dublin (January 11), which runs alongside the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, Michael Duffy, RDS Chief Executive, said: “For the past three years we have expanded the RDS Primary Science Fair, enabling more schools from more parts of Ireland participate. Later this year we will return to Belfast for our second year and double capacity, while Limerick next week (January 18-20) in only its third year will actually be the largest Fair this year with over 3,000 primary school students exhibiting their STEM projects. Engaging with STEM-related investigations at an early education age has been shown to be very beneficial for students’ long-term engagement with STEM subjects. STEM skills will be the foundation for many of the new jobs created this century.”

The aim of the Fair is to equip students with science and maths skills. It has been developed and fully managed by the RDS, is a non-competitive event and looks to engage the entire class in a science related investigation. The Fair taps into children’s natural curiosity, encouraging students to engage and question the everyday world around them.

In 2018, between the three venues of Dublin, Limerick and Belfast almost 300 primary school class investigations will be exhibited by over 7,000 pupils.



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