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Services and Catering

Onsite Catering

To provide the best catering service possible for the variety of events that are held at the RDS venue, RDS Hospitality are the in-house service catering provider. Renowned for their restaurant standard cuisine, presentation and service in both a public and corporate environment, they are devoted to providing the best quality food using seasonal Irish locally sourced produce from a range of specialist suppliers, rare breed farmers and artisan producers.

  • Public Catering

RDS Hospitality is responsible for the operation of the Inspire Restaurant and Cafe brand which is unique to the RDS. Inspire outlets offer a wide range of quality homemade products such as fresh soups, gourmet sandwiches, salads, hearty hot food options and a full range of homemade confectionery such as artisan breads, pies, cookies, pastries, cupcakes and gluten free desserts.

The Inspire outlets cater for the vast needs of exhibitors and customers who frequent public events and shows. Menus are tailored to the demographics attending with regard to the specific requirements of the bespoke event being held.

The public restaurant and cafes within the RDS are;

• Inspire Restaurant Hall 1 (Main Hall)
• Inspire Cafe Hall 4 (Industries Hall)
• Inspire Cafe Hall 8C (Simmonscourt)

  • Bespoke Flexibility

We understand that every event organiser wants their event to be unique and memorable and RDS Hospitality can create bespoke catering menus and styles to impress. Whether it is a particular corporate theme, furniture or table top style or specific food and beverage requirements, we can create a hospitality experience to meet your needs and delight your guests.

For further infomation on our Catering Services suitable for your event contact us now.


ICT Services

A €3m investment in ICT infrastructure has resulted in the provision of a modern, scalable communication infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding events. The RDS has a network of expert technical partners to support the various services we deliver including, wired networks, Wi-Fi services, IPTV / Digital Signage and Audio Visual services with built-in audio-visual equipment in the meeting rooms.

The RDS provides a free indoor Wi-Fi service throughout the venue. This service includes an allocation of 100MB of synchronised bandwidth. Other ICT Services are available upon request including, but not limited to;

  • A customised Wi-Fi network (built by the RDS or built by the event organiser) is available upon request at a cost and subject to requirements.

  • Dedicated SSID Setup: The RDS Wi-Fi service is presented on a number of standard campus wide SSID’s. We can facilitate the setup of customised SSID names for an event for a standard fee.

  • Additional dedicated bandwidth: RDS provides 100MB of free bandwidth with its free Wi-Fi service. Additional dedicated bandwidth can be purchased for events based on requests.

  • Wired Services: A range of wired services can be provided to event organisers on request and subject to cost.

  • CCTV Services: The RDS has an IP CCTV network across the campus. We can provide a command centre service and support.

For further infomation on our ICT Services suitable for your event contact us now.


Onsite Audio Visual Services

Ion Solutions have an established reputation for customer service and attention to detail whilst providing quality audio visual technical production services to clients at the RDS. Their investment in video server technology, video projection mapping and high brightness projection has allowed them to deliver impressive results for event management clients.


Dedicated team of Event Specialists

The RDS has a dedicated operations team of event specialists who are always eager to assist with the planning of events and provide expert advice.

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