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Party like Gatsby

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Date and Location

Saturday Feb. 29: 00:00 - 00:00

RDS Concert Hall

Opening Times and Admission

21.00 - 02.00

Event Website and Email

www.partylikegatsby.eu/dublin-cabaret-noir support@speakeasy.eu

Organiser's Contacts

Party like Gatsby T/A HMD Speakeasy GmbH
Torstr, 110
10119 Berlin

Tel 0045 314 00216

Web www.partylikegatsby.eu

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Dublin, 1922. Escape from everyday life and experience the most spectacular night of the year: www.partylikegatsby.eu

Imagine an era where everyone dressed up. Experience something different and bring your friends to a themed night in the Golden Twenties. Dance, party and enjoy Gatsby's new show with 20 world-class circus performers and an extraordinary live-band. Party like Gatsby® - More than 100.000 guests. Touring worldwide in 19 countries

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