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Dublin Wizard Con 2019

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Time and Place

Saturday Jul. 13 to Sunday Jul. 14

Hall 1

Opening Times and Admission

13th & 14th July 10.30am - 7pm

Tickets are on sale right now but fans are urged to act fast as they are quickly vanishing. Child @ €25.00 & adult @ €35.00 You can get yours at www.DublinWizardCon.ie

Event Website and Email

www.DublinWizardCon.ie dublinwizardcon@gmail.com

Organiser's Contacts

DWCEvent Ltd.
Ballyvoneen House
Enfield  Co. Kildare


Tel 087-9800485 or 086-8458598

Web dublinwizardcon.ie

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Dublin Wizard Con is a Harry Potter Convention

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