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RDS Library Speaker Series: Dr Sherra Murphy

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Date and Location

Wednesday Nov. 13

RDS - Library

Opening Times and Admission

18:30 - 20:00

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Organiser's Contacts

Dublin 4

Tel 01 240 7254

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The Great National Horse Show: Changing Ideals and the Founding of a Tradition

The RDS Library & Archives Research Bursary was awarded to Dr Sherra Murphy, who focussed on the Society's equestrian archives. Her talk will be on the origins of the Horse Show in the nineteenth century.

Changes in agriculture, leisure, and social norms occasioned new forms of sport and recreation, but also created tension between the ethos of agricultural improvement and new opportunities for the pursuit of pleasure.

The Great National Horse Show of the mid-nineteenth century encapsulated a range of shifting concerns, and this talk will examine how the Irish horse came to represent conflicting ideals in a period of remarkable change and prepared the way for the formation of a new form of equestrianism.

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