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Suggestions to Keep Active during the National Shutdown

RDS Limerick Competiton

Closing date: 5.00pm, Wednesday April 8

We are calling on Members to show their creative streak and to write a limerick. A form of poetry, thought to have originated with poets from Croom, County Limerick, the limerick consists of five lines. The first, second and fifth line should rhyme with each other. The third and fourth lines should rhyme with each other too. A good example of the format is one of the very first limericks, originally written in Irish by Croom publican and poet Seán O' Tuama in the 18th Century, but translated here:

"I sell the best brandy and sherry,
To make my good customers merry.
But at times their finances,
Run short, as it chances,
And then I feel very sad, very.”

O' Tuama's friend and customer, Aindrais Mac Craith composed this limerick in response, (again translated from the Irish):

“Both your poems and pints by favour,
Are alike wholly wanting in flavour:
Because it’s your pleasure
You give us short measure,
And your ale has a ditch water flavour.”

Each competition entry must include at least one of the words: RDS or Ballsbridge.  Members can submit up to three Limericks each. Please send your entries to the Membership Engagement Executive by email marks@rds.ie. The best entries will be published in the next email update to Members.


RDS Bridge Club Members can play Bridge online

The RDS Bridge Club has organised online Bridge playing for Members to enjoy with their friends while the Members' Club is temporarily closed.The Bridge Club committee has provided guidelines to enable bridge players, even newcomers to computer bridge, to feel comfortable arranging a game with other members while both remain in their own home. If you wish to learn more about this initiative, please email the President of the RDS Bridge Club.


Suggestions to Keep Active during the National Shutdown

Are you working or researching from home? RDS Members can use an online resource provided free-of-charge by the RDS Library. Business Source Corporate Plus from EBSCO is a collection of 5,600 journals, magazines and newspapers covering many industries from publications around the globe. Members are encouraged to access the resource for their own personal use through the RDS Library portal https://library.rds.ie. If Members do not have a PIN number, they can contact the Library via email librarydesk@rds.ie to request one set up, or with any other queries.

Cambridge Publishing is another online resource available.  It offers 700 online editions of their books to read for free until the end of May.

There are many online yoga instructors to get inspired with while stuck in your living room, but Members might like to follow Dublin based yoga teacher Maura Rath who is giving free yoga lessons via YouTube @yogawithmaura.

For a louder, higher-energy workout, find Joe Wicks also known as The Body Coach on YouTube.  He has online classes to suit all ages and abilities on this channel.

It has been very enjoyable weather lately, so it might be an idea to wrap up and catch up on some gardening. If you have a garden or a balcony, you might consider looking at the list of growing suggestions from GIY Ireland. If growing fruit or vegetables aren't for you, maybe consider tuning into Gardner's World, which has returned to BBC on Friday evenings? Monty Don always has useful tips for growing decorative plants and flowers.

Alternatively, you could get cultural with some virtual tours. Through your laptop or even your phone you can visit the National Gallery of Ireland, the Natural History Museum, or the Medieval Museum in Waterford, without ever leaving your home.

Colouring-in has had a bit of a renaissance in recent years, and not just for children. It has won praise for its ability to help adults with concentration, as well as its meditative qualities. Why not give it a go?  You can always start with a children's books, but there are many online drawings that might be more interesting.






The 2018 Annual Report is available by clicking on the document below.

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